Beat Loadshedding – Don’t let it stop your business, we can help!

In a tweet released by @Eskom_SA – they have announced that “due to the continued delays in returning generation units to service […], Stage 2 loadshedding will be implemented from 10:00 today until 22:00 on Sunday night

This means another week of power unreliability for businesses across South Africa. Powermode is here to help – we are able to provide you with a backup power solution to help you manage your loadshedding schedule and keep your business running during the outages without any interruptions.

Our newly introduced Q-on ionbank® range of lithium-ion battery packs is the perfect solution for keeping your business powered up during loadshedding.

Lithium-ion batteries are inherently more durable than lead acid batteries in a loadshedding context. They are perfectly able to handle two sessions of loadshedding everyday and can be used to 100% depth of discharge without causing any damage to the battery packs.

And our Powermode Monitoring Portal gives you access to an online dashboard where you can monitor the health of your UPS and whether or not your business currently has power even if you aren’t on-site.

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Switch to Lithium-Ion batteries today and keep your business, or home powered up with our new offering.

Guaranteed to outlast traditional lead-acid batteries and be more reliable, Li-ion batteries should be at the top of your backup power list.