Q-On RUgged
Series UPS

Ideal for Rugged African Conditions.

3 Phase UPS from 15 to 200 kVA, transformer based and ruggedly constructed, ideal for Sothern Africa’s harsh environment. The built in transformer provided galvanic isolation and helps with smooth the power to your critical loads.

The low voltage the UPS operation also mitigates against dust or moisture induced track flash-over – the main cause of catastrophic UPS failure in the field.

Heat and dust are big factors for UPS reliability. Layers of dust can cover printed circuit boards (PCB) and also clog up fans and ducts. For this reason each intern PCB is liquor coated to prevent dust or moisture ingress.

Wide array of applications

The Q-On series of UPS's can power a wide array of devices such as small computer networks, servers, telecom applications and can even be used for industrial applications.

Protect sensitive data

Using a Q-On UPS will allow you enough time to properly shut down all critical systems to prevent data loss during a powercut.

IoT Monitoring

Want extra peace of mind? Couple our Q-On UPS with our Batteries4Life warranty and get 24/7 monitoring and alerts for peace of mind that your systems are working as they should.

Keep your mission-critical devices online

Don't let a power cut drag your business to a halt due to critical hardware being offline.

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