Monitor your Uninterrupted Power System (UPS) power in real time

Using our exclusive GSM battery monitor and the Internet of Things (IoT), we are able to provide you with active monitoring through our Powermode Monitoring Portal (PMP), which ensures that your UPS is in tip-top working order at all times.

It ensures that you are ready to take the load when LOAD SHEDDING hits by monitoring your system 24/7 and providing alerts to rectify problems before they cause serious damage. 

With our PMP service, we also offer a 3 year, on-site battery guarantee with all new battery installations from Powermode.

Features of the Powermode Monitoring portal (pmp)

  • Graphic map based dashboard showing UPS status, countrywide
  • IoT based UPS monitor – countrywide, 24x7
  • Active real time monitoring
  • Immediate response by Powermode’s Service Desk
  • E-mail alerts 24x7
  • Priority on-site SLA, countrywide
  • 15% discount on callouts and spares
  • Free monthly reports on uptime and power reliability.

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