Another successful Lithium-Ion UPS installation in Sandton

Lithium-Ion UPS Installation in Sandton

This past week saw the Powermode team tackling yet another Lithium-Ion UPS installation in the heart of Sandton. The Reclamation Group are leaders in scrap metal recycling and waste management solutions. Their offices have been running 2x 10kVA long run UPS’s as a standby power solution to guide them through our unstable power grid.

The Powermode team recently completed a UPS assessment on their infrastructure, only to find that all 40 lead acid batteries were in need of replacement. Lead acid batteries cannot withstand the constant cycling of a load shedding environment, this results in irreparably damaged to the batteries that will ultimately need replacement.

At this point, our team of technicians and client services completed a cost analysis between installing another set of lead-acid batteries or to install a new Lithium-Ion UPS solution. Powermodes Q-on ionbank is a lithium-ion battery compatible with a UPS, providing the sophistication of a UPS with the stable power of the lithium-ion chemistry.

The findings were compelling.

A 12% cost increase would provide The Reclamation Group a completely new standby power solution, backed by lithium-ion technology. The decision was simple, the Q-on I-Series would be installed.

The Reclamation Group had one final request, the ability to monitor their power status remotely. The team is not always office based and so an early warning mechanism was vital to ensure business critical systems and networks remained online. Enter the Powermode Monitoring Portal. Based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Powermode Monitoring Portal (PMP) monitors standby power environments reporting on the critical power parameters. The online measurement and alerts provided the Reclamation Group with peace of mind and knowledge that their power security was fully covered.

Lithium-Ion UPS Installation in Sandton

Here are some of the benefits that they are now enjoying thanks to the Q-on I-Series UPS and Q-on ionbank lithium-ion battery pack:

  • Instant, clean power to their connected system
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Fast charging battery pack to ensure that the units are always ready to run even with multiple loadshedding cycles in a day
  • A seamless integration of power when the grid drops. Their systems remain online with no interruption
  • Compact and neat installation, no big battery packs

We extend a big congratulations to The Reclamation group for joining the Lithium-Ion UPS community! May it keep your systems online and loadshedding at bay!

For more information and to see how this could be implemented in your business, please contact our sales team via the following channels:
011 235 7750

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