Welcome Powermode KZN Branch

Powermode announces the opening of their KwaZulu Natal branch.

The issue of power supply has been widely discussed in the South African context over the past two decades. Powermode, a specialist in the back up power supply sector has been providing their clients power solutions through this period. They too, have kept up to date with market trends and invested in the latest technology to ensure they keep adding value to their clients.

Jack Ward CEO of Powermode tells us, “Our existing national service footprint ensures we have all of Southern Africa covered from a service perspective however with the continued and in fact, increasing blackouts on our national grid, gives us the opportunity to open a fully functional office in KZN.” One would have to agree with the decision as we see an increase in economic activity through the country albeit at a slower rate than the country would like. This increase will place a larger demand on an already unstable electricity supply driving higher demand for backup power solutions.

Powermode KZN will join their head office located in Johannesburg and existing branch in Cape Town giving the company an active presence in all three of South Africa’s most economically active regions. “The KZN branch had been in the plans for some time”, adds Ward. “It’s a move we needed to do, to ensure our growing range of clients in the region receive the normal high level of service they have come accustomed to at Powermode. We have big plans for the region and with exciting product launches on the horizon we couldn’t be happier to be on the ground in KZN.”

In a somber and somewhat negative South African market, stories of growth and expansion are few and far between. Powermode is aiming to go against that narrative as it eyes opportunities to further entrench itself as South Africa’s most prominent back up power solution provider.


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