Successful Standby Power Installation at a manufacturing facility

We had the privilege of installing a new Backup power solution at a manufacturing facility recently. A key player in the complementary medicine manufacturing arena in South Africa. Their microbiology laboratory makes use of sophisticated testing equipment and is an essential part of their business. The lack of grid power stability became an issue to the effective running of the laboratory, resulting in the need for a stand-by power solution.

The Powermode solution was to install a short run UPS solution for each business-critical piece of equipment. This would ensure a seamless power transition in the event of grid failure. This would then be supported by a generator, which would then carry the full load of the laboratory and ensure full power security.  

The installation point of a generator is always a debated topic, in this instance the most appropriate area was on the roof of the three-story building. Under the guidance of the Powermode team, the 60kVA generator weighing 1200 kgs was successfully lifted and installed in the ideal location.

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