Moving Standby Power Forward – The Q-on I-Series Lithium-Ion UPS


Companies need to meet the requirement for continuous power caused by load shedding and other grid failures in order to protect business productivity.  Stable, uninterrupted, conditioned power is required to ensure business productivity and protect sensitive equipment.

In other words a UPS that is reliable, single and/or three phase, providing dual online, smooth uninterruptable power, with zero time changeover, compatible with Li-ion or VRLA lead acid batteries.

And at an affordable price, scalable over time as load grows, protecting the initial investment, with 10 year guarantee.

A big Ask – Yes, but completely do ‘able with the new Q-on I Series, Li-ion based, UPS


The Q-on I-Series is a 5kVA (5kW), high efficiency, unitary power factor UPS, with a compact form factor and LCD display.  Uniquely, and as an industry first, the I-Series is 100% is compatible with either Li-ion or Lead Acid batteries. 

The Q-on I-Series is reliable and cost effective.  It’s also scalable from 5 – 45 kVA and can operate in single or three phase mode, or a combination thereof.  Uniquely the I-Series is compatible with the Q-on ionbank Li-ion battery range in five capacities to suit any load or required run time.  A 10 year on-site guarantee is standard.   

The Q-on I-Series is also versatile – multiple I-Series UPSs’ can share a single battery, or be deployed with multiple redundant battery sets for mission-critical environments.

The Q-on I-Series is fully parallel capable for mission critical NSPF (No Single Point of Failure) architectures.  An optional external maintenance bypass is an option for continuous operation during maintenance and servicing.  The Q-on I-Series also features a wide voltage and frequency input range providing smooth, regulated output from most any generator out there.

Most importantly the Q-on I-Series is backed by the industry renowned Q-on UPS range’s 14 year track record and proven pedigree. Powermode’s countrywide service footprint adds another level of reliability, unmatched in the industry.   And add to that a 10 year onsite Li-ion battery guarantee and it’s clear that the Q-on I-Series introduces a whole new level of price performance and “peace-of-mind”


Switch to Lithium-Ion batteries today and keep your business, or home powered up with our new offering.

Guaranteed to outlast traditional lead-acid batteries and be more reliable, Li-ion batteries should be at the top of your backup power list.