Long Run UPS vs. Generator – Which is best for backup power?

Long-Run UPS

Load shedding and ever-increasing grid power failures are causing havoc with businesses across South Africa. What options are available for businesses looking to manage their load-shedding schedules and reduce downtime? Two of the leading options are a Long Run UPS and Generators. Below are our thoughts on the two.

Generators are expensive to acquire, noisy and dirty to run. They need regular diesel refills and maintenance on a continual basis.  The smaller single cylinder petrol generators that are inexpensive, require manual starting, are noisy and unreliable with limitations on the load they can carry.

UPS and Inverters with large battery capacities have grown in popularity as a clean, seamless, standby power solution for small offices, retail chains, complex security and general business at large.

The drawback up to now has been the reliability of lead-acid batteries. These large battery strings have a limited cycle life and are sensitive to deep discharge and high temperatures.

Lead-acid batteries also take a long time to recover after a discharge (2-6 days typically), and are irreparably damaged when discharged before being fully re-charged.  Level 2 load shedding where two or more load shedding cycles occur in a 24 hour period results in permanent damages to lead-acid batteries.

So what’s the answer? 

Announcing the long run UPS Li-ion batteries for standby power application – an industry first.

Li-ion batteries until now have not been available as standard for standby power applications.  They have been only used in renewable energy environments.  

Not anymore – Powermode announces the Q-on ionbank range of Li-ion batteries especially designed for UPSs’ and/or inverters.  The Q-on ionbank features almost unlimited cycling and a 10-year on-site guarantee.  Ideal to counter load shedding and now regular grid power failures.

In addition the Powermode ionrent, rental scheme makes the Q-on ionbank affordable to all business, large and small. Currently in the market and available to ship today.

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Switch to Lithium-Ion batteries today and keep your business, or home powered up with our new offering.

Guaranteed to outlast traditional lead-acid batteries and be more reliable, Li-ion batteries should be at the top of your backup power list.