Long-run UPS Solutions using Lithium-ion Batteries

Long-run UPS Solutions using Lithium-ion Batteries - Header image featuring Powermode's Q-ON RUGGED 3-PHASE UPS WITH LITHIUM-ION BATTERY

The need for long-run UPS solutions using lithium-ion batteries has become the most ideal application to counter load shedding and save costs. In the past, standby applications have seen the deployment of a long-run UPS in various commercial, IT, and industrial manufacturing settings. Given the growing number of power cuts and load shedding in South Africa, this approach is gaining significant traction. Companies that rely on generators to combat power outages are facing significant financial challenges due to the rising costs of diesel. 

Correctly configured UPSs have the capability to sustain either a portion or the entire load during a power interruption. The genset would only be necessary in case of prolonged power outages. This has the potential to significantly reduce companies’ monthly expenses on diesel and genset maintenance costs. This is referred to as diesel mitigation.

Powermode now provides long-run UPS solutions using lithium-ion batteries for single and 3-Phase Q-on UPSs. Conventional lead-acid battery technology struggles to handle the frequent duty cycle resulting from regular load shedding. Lead acid batteries typically have a maximum of 400 cycles, but only if they are discharged to a maximum of 50% or less. Discharging a lead acid battery completely to 100% depth of discharge (DoD) can have a detrimental effect on the battery, significantly reducing its expected lifespan from 4-5 years to just 18 months or even less. 

This is where Li-ion battery technology truly shines. Today, long-run UPS solutions using lithium-ion batteries is more budget-friendly than ever. With a slightly higher initial cost, the Lithium batteries offer an impressive lifespan of 6000 cycles and over 10 years, resulting in a significantly reduced cost of ownership and improved reliability.

The Q-on Rugged Series from Powermode offers a transformer-based, 3 phase UPS range that is now equipped with Lithium-ion battery packs. This makes it the perfect solution for ensuring uninterrupted and reliable standby power for any business. 

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