Around the Water-cooler with an update from Cape Town

By Tracey Bouah (Director at Powermode)

The last few months have been full of change and growth at Powermodes Cape Town office. Our team has grown significantly over the past quarter as we gear the business to manage the increased demand for our standby power offerings.

The team has not only grown in number, but stature too. A core value of the Powermode business is to upskill and nurture the talent of our team members. This is very evident in our internship programs in our sales and technical departments. The value provided by these team members on their journey to becoming fully fledged technicians or key personnel in the office is immense and a joy to see.

The new product developments and launches this year are really starting to kick-off and add value to our clients. The most exciting of these is our Q-on ionbank, our lithium-ion battery pack powering a variety of UPS’ out in the market. The perfect product for our unstable power environment here in South Africa. Our technical team have been working tirelessly as they cover the province extensively rolling out the Q-on ionbank installations.

Our various teams love a little competition, but what really stands out to me is the comradery and team work, so I thought I would share a couple of examples of a day in the life of a Powermode technician.

One weekend a call was logged from a client. The technician who responded to the call spoke to the client on the phone and quickly realised that the UPS was blown and it would need to be replaced due to age. Notwithstanding it being a Saturday, the comms immediately spread across the team like wild fire.

One team member gathered all the client information, another was checking previous job cards and another compiling the relevant quote. All of this happening while the regular account manager was offline, but it didn’t matter and the quote was sent and order received before 8am Monday morning. There is no “MY” success, but rather “OUR” success. Oh, and a side note, a UPS was delivered to the client that same day!

We work hard, but also always find time to connect as a team over a quick game of darts or table tennis. We have also discovered how competitive we can all be with our tournaments gaining much desired prestige!

With lots more on the horizon I feel privileged to be a part of this team and lead them into the next quarter.


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