2021 – The year that was

The year 2021 is likely to be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The different lockdown levels, multiple Covid 19 variants, continuous load shedding and a country wide riot. All made headlines and all materially impacted both the individual and business sector with their disruptive wake likely to be felt for many years to come. 

When we at Powermode cast our eyes back on the year 2021, it will be with filled with a year of firsts, a year of pushing the limits, simply a year we made work no matter the external challenges. So here are some of our highlights and how we will want to remember the year that was, 2021. 

We grew the Powermode family. 

The Powermode team saw several new faces in either the office or out in the field through the course of the year. We welcomed in a fresh set of interns who hit the ground running, literally, playing their part in the technical team ensuring each and every service or installation was completed to spec. We added our first female technician, Yonela who continues to deliver since the first day she walked through our doors.

We launched our Q-on ionbank

A project several years in the making – A lithium-ion battery designed and manufactured to support a UPS. The long run UPS space has needed a change in the unstable South African power context. Lead acid batteries in this niche are failing, a stronger battery chemistry was needed and so came the birth of the Q-on ionbank. 

Likely to be the major highlight of the year, the Q-on ionbank has been deployed across the country and delivered better results than we could ever have imagined. With exciting extensions planned for the year ahead, 2022 is set to be a major one in the Q-on ionbank journey, watch this space.

We opened offices in Durban

Our commitment to service our clients nationally is one that we take incredibly seriously. Our Durban branch gave us the presence we needed in the market and the wheels on the road ensured our clients got the service they craved. KZN saw some difficult times this year, we are thankful we were largely unaffected by the unrest but even more so that were we able to assist our clients with feet on the ground in a difficult environment.

We did some interesting installations 

At Powermode, we generally travel the country ensuring all our clients are suitable positioned to sustain any level of loadshedding. Every now and again there are some interesting installations where our power solutions push every limit. At one site, we moved over 14 tons of batteries and at others we had lithium-ion batteries or generators sailing through the air for roof top installations.

We went online

The launch of the Powermode On-line store in the latter part of 2021 will be another highlight of the year. The world has seen a drastic change move in this direction and we are so excited to be part of this journey. 

2022 is just around the corner and we have some soon to launch projects that will kick off the year with a bang. We end off with a big thank you to our loyal customers past and new, we appreciate your support and look forward to bringing you power security in the new year! 


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