UPS - Rentals


By Jack Ward

Most of the time you don’t need your UPSs, so they are “out of sight and out of mind”.  Meanwhile, the batteries which provide the energy when the power goes out, are very sensitive to the environment. 

UPSs’ (uninterruptible power supplies) are notoriously difficult and expensive to maintain.  It is vital to maintain your UPS regularly, at least one service per year.

Batteries need to be replaced at least every 4 to 5 years.  The big killer of batteries are depth-of-discharge (DoD) and subsequent under-charging.

A new approach is to leave it to professionals – and RENT.  At remarkably low prices you can offload this perennial problem to a specialist UPS service provider. 

Take the Retail sector for instance.  Retail is vitally reliant on stable power to keep stores open and trading, when the grid power fails.  So how do large, countrywide retail chains mitigate risk, plan accurately and control costs.  With difficulty unfortunately.  Standby power is big cost driver to large country-wide enterprises.

To reduce cost and mitigate risk, what is required is a countrywide on-site service capability supported by 24×7 monitoring, utilising the IoT (Internet of Things).   This allows the service provider lower costs based on the visibility provided by close monitoring and rapid intervention.  Couple this with a syndicated, countrywide service reach and you achieve the best of both worlds. 

With every UPS monitored in real time, environmental conditions and battery DoD can be closely controlled.  This ensures improved up-time and lower operating costs.  In addition, comprehensive monthly reports ensure the service performance (SLA) and provide an empirical ROI.

As we deal with an ever more unreliable grid, the UPS Rental option for standby power is becoming more and more popular.  The benefits are multiple – not least, peace of mind, reduced operating costs and countrywide coverage.