3-PHASE UPS with LiTHIUM-ion battery, Standby Power Solutions
For Your Business

An Industry first long run UPS and Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery solution to power your business through load shedding events.

The Benefits

Protect Critical equipment with the Q-on Rugged ups with lithium-ion batteries

  • 3-Phase UPS with long run lithium-ion batteries
  • On-line double conversion, transformer based UPS
  • Galvanic isolation transformer design Scalable to your needs from 10 – 200kVA
  • 0,5 – 4hour + runtime

Keep the power on during Load Shedding

Lithium-ion Batteries for Q-on Rugged Series UPS

The Q-on Rugged Series UPS, now with Lithium-ion batteries provides long run 3-Phase power protection to your critical equipment, office or factory. This UPS solution comes with a 10 year warranty and has more than 6000 life cycles.

Freedom Won battery range that are compatible with Q-on Rugged 3-Phase UPS by Powermode
secure your uninterrupted power supply now with the Q-on 3-phase Rugged lithium-ion battery UPS

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30+ years in the backup power sector

24/7 technician support

Provide solUtions for south africa's biggest retailers

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Switch to Lithium-Ion batteries today and keep your business, or home powered up with our new offering.

Guaranteed to outlast traditional lead-acid batteries and be more reliable, Li-ion batteries should be at the top of your backup power list.