Q-on S-Series 3kVA Online UPS

The Q-on 3kVA online UPS is a Long Run UPS with LCD display. It features a 96C/8 battery compatibility and 6/8A charger with a Power Factor of pf=0.9Excludes Installation, Batteries and Battery Cabinet

The Q-on S-Series 3kVA Online UPS

The Q-on S-series is a true double conversion single phase UPS that provide clean, high level quality power to fully protect mission-critical devices such as sensitive networks, small computer centres, servers, telecom applications, as well as for industrial applications.


The Q-On series of UPS’s can power a wide array of devices such as small computer networks, servers, telecom applications and can even be used for industrial applications.


Using a Q-On UPS will allow you enough time to properly shut down all critical systems to prevent data loss during a powercut.


Want extra peace of mind? Couple our Q-On UPS with our Batteries4Life warranty and get 24/7 monitoring and alerts for peace of mind that your systems are working as they should.


Don’t let a power cut drag your business to a halt due to critical hardware being offline.

Excludes Installation, Batteries and Battery Cabinet

Weight12 kg
Dimensions460 × 190 × 330 cm


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– Online double conversion
– No Output transfer time
– PFC technology
– Full digital control (DSP)
– Output power factor: 0.9
– Input current harmonic: 3%
– ECO function
– Charging/Rectifier/Inverter fully digital control technology
Excludes Installation, Batteries and Battery Cabinet – Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery
– 16/18/20 pieces (optional)
– Wide Input voltage range: 120~276Vac
– Wide input frequency range: 45~55Hz/54~66Hz±0.5Hz
– Self-testing when UPS startup
– Input over/under-voltage protection
– Automatic Bypass & Manual bypass switch
– DC start
– Communication port: RS232, USB
– Options: SNMP card / Relay card

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