24/7 UPS Battery Monitoring

Get 24/7 realtime monitoring for your UPS systems at your fingertips

Our IoT monitoring system, the Powermode Monitoring Portal (PMP), gives you 24/7 access to realtime data of the health and status of your UPS systems via our client portal. 

Get immediate notifications when our system detects a power cut or issue. We also provide priority technical support to all PMP customers with our National Service Footprint.

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Ease of use

Graphic map based dashboard showing UPS status, countrywide

Always Connected

IoT based UPS monitoring. Countrywide, 24x7


Get always-on active real time monitoring right on your laptop

Backup Support

Get immediate response by Powermode’s Service Desk when an issue is detected

Email Alerts

Get E-mail alerts 24x7 to alert you as and when there is an issue

Priority Support

We offer priority on-site SLA, countrywide with PMP


Get extra discounts on all parts and spares


Free monthly reports on uptime and power reliability.

Obligation Free Consultation

Not sure if the Powermode Monitoring portal is for you? Contact us today and we will help guide you on choosing the right product for your business.

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  • 100% Service Level Guaranteed

Ease of Use and always connected

Get access to a graphic map based dashboard showing the status of all of your UPS’s countrywide. Connect anytime with

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