Upgrade your Backup Power to Lithium-Ion UPS Battery Packs

Power outages impacting on your ability to trade? Consider our long run UPS battery solutions for power security.

Don’t let loadshedding get your business down, the Q-on ionbank Lithium-ion UPS battery can help. An industry first in Southern Africa, the Q-on ionbank UPS battery brings you 10 year peace of mind.

An Uninterruptable Power supply (UPS) is critical in keeping your business running when power fails you. With the increasing unreliability of our power grid, you cannot afford to lose business due to power outages.

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Lithium-Ion UPS Battery

Problem: Undercharging Caused By Load Shedding

Traditional lead acid UPS batteries cannot cope with regular cycling and multiple load-shedding sessions in a single day. They simply do not recharge in time.

Lead acid batteries are irreparably damaged by under charging and will fail in a matter of months.

Solution: Q-On Ionbank Li-Ion UPS Battery

The Q-on ionbank, Li-ion battery for UPS’s excels in these conditions. It can recharge the battery to 90% of capacity in 2-6 hours – to be ready for the next load shedding event.

The Q-on ionbank is capable of handling up to 1000+ cycles and is guaranteed for 10 years – even in hostile environments of up to 60°C

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