If you think Load Shedding is BAD…? WAIT !

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Load shedding is on us in a big way.  However, a larger, more insidious threat lurks.  Grid reliability. This is SA’s BIG problem for the near future!  The distribution grids and power networks are owned and run by the various municipalities and they now face multiple challenges.

Illegal connections, basic maintenance and ageing infrastructure will cause the grid in your “hood” to fail more and more. Catastrophically. At least with load shedding there is some certainty as to WHEN and HOW LONG it will happen. 

This is not the case for general Grid network failures.  They are not predictable. They are not planned or advertised.  And they can last for days if not weeks.  Indeed in some metro and rural areas in Limpopo grid reliability is such a problem and has gone on for so long, the residents don’t even react to LOAD SHEDDING.  It’s just more of the same to them.

We know this from our Powermode Monitoring Portal.  Statistics show that power is failing at alarming regularity in many areas. And this is becoming a growing trend.

The solution is complex.  Better governance at municipalities, reducing illegal connections and non-payment.  At the very least we need to embark on aggressive maintenance and renewal of this vital asset.  The alternative is more and more users will go OFF-GRID, which will cue the “Utility Death Spiral”.  More on that in the next blog.

In the meantime monitoring your power in real time, installing and maintaining your standby power solutions is the only answer.

Chat to us today to receive a FREE quote on how you can safeguard your house against Load Shedding and Grid Unreliabilty.

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