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Q-on ionbank® Lithium-ion Batteries


An environmentally friendly energy storage solution

The Q-on ionbank® Li-ion batteries are manufactured using Lithium-ion Iron Phosphate cells (LiFePo4). LiFePo4 Li-Ion chemistry is proven to be the safest and most stable Li-ion chemistry currently in production.


LiFePO4 Batteries are made with non-toxic metals, meaning they are less of a hazard for the environment and can be recycled. With longer lifespans means less replacements translating to less e-waste in landfills.

Charging Efficiency

Lithium-ion batteries charge 90% more efficiently than lead acid batteries.This shortened timeframe will use less power and reduce its environmental impact.

Stable and Non-Toxic

LiFePO4 Batteries use no rare earth or toxic metals, rather using commonly available metals such as copper, iron and graphite. LifePo4 batteries are less soluble than other chemistries therefore also less likely to leech into the environment


Lithium-ion batteries have far superior life spans when compared to lead acid batteries. This extended life removes the frequent battery replacements and reduces the associated manufacturing and supply chain environmental concerns of additional production.

Safer Technology

LiFePO4 Batteries are chemically stable against combustions and ruptures and will not explode. LifePO4 batteries are thus a safer option compared to lead acid batteries.

No Diesel Generators

The long run capabilities of lithium-ion batteries can now remove the need of a generator. Lithium-ion batteries do not require diesel nor do they emit harmful fumes to the detriment of the environment.

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