Q-on 3-Series UPS


Design features:

  • 10-80 kVA
  • True on-line technology
  • Distortion free input
  • Fault tolerant architecture
  • Compact footprint
  • Integrated battery bank
  • Input Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  • Power surge stabilization
  • 2 Year warranty, 1st Year on-site*


The Q-on 3-Series by Powermode is an affordable, reliable and practical UPS capable of supporting a broad spectrum of loads. Targeted at thecorporate arena, it is ahigh-end, 3-phase system designed to tackle applications ranging from the desktop to the data centre.

Available in 10 to 80 KVA options, the Q-on 3-Series allows users to right-size UPS system load levels to more accurately balance fault-tolerance and economy while maintaining uptime in the face of an increasingly uncertain utility power supply and other forms of crippling power interruptions.

Setting new benchmarks for price/performance, the Q-on 3-Series features a double conversion topology which effectively isolates the critical load from potentially unstable utility power. This ensures that poor power conditions, such as damaging low voltage dips and power surges, are regulated without switching to battery power. This is a crucial factor for reliable operation with generators.

All units in the range incorporate the latest developments in componentry to deliver a 1.0 output power factor and an overall efficiency rating as high as 92% – an improvement of between five and 10% on comparable, legacy, on-line doubleconversion UPS systems.

From a technical perspective, the generator-friendly Q-on 3-Series features IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) rectifier technology to eliminate input harmonics (< 3%THD). This also ensures tight generator compatibility and eliminates the need for input filters. IGBT enables significant cost savings as UPS power consumption is reduced by up to 20%.

Highlights of the Q-on 3-Series include a wide input range, integrated power management software and extendable run time options backed bya network interface allowing load levels to be monitored remotely via SNMP(Simple Network Management Protocol) links.

The Q-on 3-Series can be supplied with externaldeep-cycle battery packs to provide extended backup to cater for power outages of up to four hours.