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[vcex_icon_box style=”two” alignment=”center” heading=”Powermode Monitoring Portal (PMP) ” icon=”” image_width=”70px” image_height=”70px” image=”236″ url=”#”]Based Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Powermode Monitoring Portal (PMP) is an affordable, GSM-based system that monitors standby power environments. It reports on critical parameters associated with generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and solar PV systems.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_button url=”http://powermode.co.za/services-support#pmp” title=”Learn More” align=”center”]Learn more[/vcex_button]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” alignment=”center” heading=”National Service Footprint” icon=”” image=”235″ image_width=”70px” image_height=”70px” url=”#”]To meet demand for reliable backup power solutions, Powermode’s national service footprint allows skilled technicians to provide support and regular maintenance of UPS and generator systems to some of the country’s largest nationally-based enterprises and retail chains.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_button url=”http://powermode.co.za/services-support#footprint” title=”Learn More” align=”center”]Learn more[/vcex_button]
[vcex_icon_box style=”two” alignment=”center” heading=”UPS and Generator servicing” icon=”” image=”228″ image_width=”70px” image_height=”70px” url=”#”]The reliability of UPS systems and diesel generators is largely linked to the frequency with which they are serviced. A Powermode quality maintenance programme helps standby power systems work at full capacity to cope with every emergency.[/vcex_icon_box][vcex_button url=”http://powermode.co.za/services-support#ups” title=”Learn More” align=”center”]Learn more[/vcex_button]

Power Solutions South Africa & Sub-Saharan Africa

ups-powerPowermode is an acknowledged leader in the field of power management and power provisioning solutions, specialising in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and generator maintenance regimes. Powermode’s customers rely on continuous electrical power for productivity, profit and security. Powermode’s mission is to supply technologically advanced, guaranteed, value-for-money products delivered by specialists who provide the highest levels of customer support and technical backup, underpinned by ethical practices.

Product offerings include Q-on UPSs, backup batteries and battery cabinets. Powermode’s technical leadership encompasses battery balancing and ground-breaking on-line battery monitoring solutions via the Powermode Management Portal (PMP). Johannesburg-headquartered, the company has a country-wide service/ support footprint.

[vcex_heading text=”Batteries4Life” responsive_text=”true” text_align=”left” link_local_scroll=”true” font_size=”22px” min_font_size=”18px” color=”#006cbb” css=”.vc_custom_1551770770680{margin-bottom: 10px !important;}” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fpowermode.co.za%2Fbatteries4life%2F|title:Batteries4Life|”]
  • Onsite battery guarantee for life
  • Access to the monitored Powermode Monitoring Portal
  • 24×7 email alerts
  • Onsite response, countrywide
  • 4 hours restore SLA included
  • Next day on-site resolution

Batteries4Life ensures all new batteries supplied by Powermode are supported onsite – for life.

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