National Service Footprint

Get 4 hour technical response time to all calls and next day on-site resolution, ANYWHERE in SA

24/7 Monitoring

Get 24/7 Monitoring and always know exactly what is going on with your UPS systems through our Powermode Monitoring System

Battery Guarantee. For Life.

Get on-site battery guarantee for life. We swop out your batteries when required at no additional charge to you

Extended Warranties

Get 3 & 5 year extended warranties on your batteries as an added extra option

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Whether you are just looking to monitor your current UPS systems, or ensure full lifetime support and battery replacements, we have it all. Choose the option below that suits your needs and get in touch.


Powermode Monitoring Portal




Extended Warranties

What is Batteries4Life?

Powermode brings you a unique, lifetime battery guarantee – a proud industry first.

Batteries4Life give you:

  • Onsite battery guarantee for life
  • Access to the monitored Powermode Monitoring Portal
  • 24×7 email alerts
  • Onsite response, countrywide
  • 4 hours restore SLA included
  • Next day on-site resolution

Batteries4Life ensures all new batteries supplied by Powermode are supported onsite – for life.

We swop out your batteries if and when required.  We will replace your batteries 4+ years after installation – at no additional charge. Now, your vital IT systems remain powered up. Batteries4Life is an extension of the successful Powermode Monitoring Portal running since 2016.  We monitor your UPS’s health and performance, in real time, 24×7 anywhere in the country.

It’s backed up by Powermode’s National Service Footprint – which is currently supporting over 1400 UPSs country wide.  Our engineers will respond within 4 hours to any call and can be onsite the next day – Without fail.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Any new set of batteries purchased and installed by Powermode is supported FOR LIFE, providing the UPS is under contract on the Batteries4Life scheme

Yes. A Powermode engineer will respond to any callout within 4 hrs and, if required, our engineer will be onsite next business day

A major component of Batteries4Life is an annual onsite service of your UPSs – anywhere in the country.

The Powermode Monitoring Portal monitors your UPS footprint via the GSM (cell phone) network. All operational parameters are measured, and plotted, onto an easy-to-use dashboard, available on your desktop.

The monitoring portal sends you an email alert as soon as your UPS senses a grid failure

Powermode National Service Footprint has been trusted service provider in the South African power industry for the past 11 years. We support over 1400 UPS installations – of all makes – countrywide.

The Powermode Monitoring Portal monitors and measures in real-time, ensuring immediate response to your battery issues.

Batteries4Life is a Service Level Agreement that will keep your UPS systems running at 100% efficiency. Contact Us



The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Powermode has moved to significantly improve the reliability and efficiency of standby power and renewable energy systems in corporate environments with its affordable, locally-designed Power Monitoring Portal (PMP).

Based Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Powermode Monitoring Portal (PMP) is an affordable, GSM-based system that monitors standby power environments. It reports on critical parameters associated with generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and solar PV systems


Batteries4Life extends the Powermode Monitoring Portal that has operated successfully since 2016. We monitor your UPS’s health and performance, in real time, 24×7 anywhere in South Africa. 

Powermode’s national service network currently supports over 1400 UPSs countrywide.  Our engineers respond within 4 hours to any call, and can be onsite the next day.

  • We have a national service footprint,
  • Our monitoring portal provides instant feedback on all UPS issues – countrywide
  • A guaranteed response time
  • And we are the largest independent UPS service provider in the country

Join some of the largest countrywide enterprises today and get guaranteed standby power when you need it, countrywide.

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